Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 7 #weekinthelife

Started my day pretty early, just a little bit after 6am. It was still dark and cold.

Boiled the kettle to make a cup of coffee to wake me up.

After my shower, I put the laundry in to the washing machine. I hope David will hang it out to dry later.

I walked to work today, so I stopped by at Bertie's place to see if he wants to walk with me. Chloe just woke up and was busy on her tablet.

After a heavy downpour last night, we had a beautiful morning and it was actually nice to walk to work.

At 9.30am I prepared some fruit for the children's morning tea.

Took a picture with Debb, the cook in her kitchen.

Oh no, somebody threw my lunch away. I left it in the fridge yesterday as I left early and I thought I would have it for lunch today. However, somebody decided to clean the fridge. Thanks Debb, she gave me some instant noodles for my lunch. ^_^

Ooops......David couldn't pick me up this afternoon, our car broke down, so I had to walk home.

At home, I prepared fresh orange juice for David.

While waiting for dinner, we watched Millionaire Hot Seat.

It's late now. Finally I have finished my Week in the life 2013 project. At first, I thought I wouldn't have time to do it this year, but I have made it to day 7. Next task is to print the pictures and put it all together in an album. Well, I will think about that later, better go to sleep now. See you all next year.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 6 #weekinthelife

I started this morning with a cup of warm lemon juice.

Then made a banana pancake for breakfast. Start work at 10am today.

After I had my shower, I still had around an hour to kill, so I did a bit of my assignment for my Diploma in Child Care. 

Finished work early today, yah...yah...yah! I know I shouldn't be so happy, after all I am paid by the hour, but whenever I can go home early, it does excite me....I am becoming far too Australian! I called David to pick me up as I had a few things to do today. However, David hadn't had his lunch yet and he said he had something he wanted to show me, so we stopped by at Subway to get a take away and I got a cup of latte from C Coffee.

He then took me to see his surprise at the Salisbury Green Golf Club. He parked the car facing a beautiful lake right in the middle of our suburb. We had a little picnic there, David enjoyed his lunch and I enjoyed my coffee. Unfortunately, it started to rain, but I still managed to capture some beautiful pictures. Thanks for showing me another beautiful place in our backyard, Hon. 

Then we went to the Salisbury Tafe where I needed to pick up some books that I had reserved last week.

Then went to the bank.

On the way to pick up the pizza we were having for tea tonight, I took some pictures of the street. It still amazes me how little traffic there is over here compared to Jakarta!

Here comes David with our pizza.

Tonight, even though I had so many things to do, I took some time out to play Bejeweled, trying to show David that I could get a higher score....

Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 5 #weekinthelife

This morning started with my breakfast, papaya, a custard bun and a cup of coffee (with an Ibuprofen for my damned headache!).

This morning my father in law (Bertie), drove me to work. He was waiting in the drive way when I opened the door. He said, he knew that I was still sick to walk to work and he didn't want me to get worse in the cold weather. Thank God for my wonderful family here.

At work, I had half a homemade spinach quiche for lunch.

Back home, we went to Bertie's place. Tonight, David cooked eggplant lasagna for all of us as David's sister, Julie and her daughter Chloe, are visiting from Townsville. 

Before it was too dark, I quickly picked some mandarins from Bertie's backyard.

After dinner (Tea here is Aus), and another cup of tea (or "cuppa"), we went home. There's an observation I need to type up for work. While I was busy, David asked me to smile and posed for the camera. He said, "Now you have a beautiful picture to finish your day". Thanks Hon....

Day 4 #weekinthelife

When I woke up this morning, I was still feeling a bit off colour, but the show must go on. So I quickly got up and made my breakfast. I had toast with peanut butter and banana (David introduced this for me, it was one of his mum's favourites).

Washed the dishes, before I went to work. 

Took the rubbish out...Tuesday is rubbish collection day. This week is red bin for general waste and yellow bin for recycling waste. 

This morning, David drove me to work.

As I work in child care, everyday is a lot of fun with the children. This morning I made a collage activity for them, then later joined them in the sandpit. 

Back home, there were some lemons from Ian, Dad's best friend. Thanks Ian.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 3 #weekinthelife

Woke up this morning and didn't feel well as I kept waking up through the night due to a stomach problem. However we had 8.15 hair cut appointment, so I struggled out of bed because as it would be difficult to fit another appointment with my schedule. We arrived a bit late, but luckily there was nobody else there. David thought I looked like a Puppy Dog with my hair like that.

Back at home, I decided to take the rest of the day off since I was still not feeling well. David did all the chores and prepared toasted sandwiches for our lunch.

We found that the swallows had once again returned to their nest under the carport. Look what is inside!

Later in the afternoon, I relaxed in the backyard with a cup of tea and a good book.

This afternoon, David's cholesterol reducing Betaglucare arrived.

Tonight, I promised my Aussie Dad that I would cook some chicken for dinner. We still had some fried rice leftover from yesterday, so add a bit fried chicken to make it go round.