Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yet another Wonderful Day

Time flies so fast. This was my second birthday in Adelaide. As I had so many things to do, we didn't plan anything special, however this day was still a wonderful day to remember. 

I started my day by visiting the dentist. It's not the best start to a Birthday, right? But as I had a painful tooth, it needed to be done. 

It was also the last day of the second term, so we had a class party. But before we celebrated, we had a small presentation about many kinds of popular diets. How ironic, having a party after talking about diets. ^_^

At home, a bunch of beautiful red carnations were waiting for me. 

All the good wishes I received made me feel so blessed and loved. No matter how old we get, we always need the support of our friends and family. Thank you so much for all your loving messages, you made my birthday special. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Winter Trip

When we received this invitation last month, we were so excited but also a bit unsure whether we could make it. I was so busy with my assignments and in the final processes of applying work experience with The Smith Family. But then David found a good deal at the Limestone Caravan Park at Mt Gambier, so we thought it's a good sign to give it a go and it would be a nice break for us too. 

We left Adelaide on Wednesday afternoon after my class, because I don't want to miss too many classes ^_^. After stopped a couple times and stopped at Hungry Jack for Whopper. We arrived at Limestone Coast Caravan Park at around 8.30pm. The cabin was big, clean and had a separate kitchen which was so complete that made me think I could bake a cake there. 

The next day we went to Aldi in Hamilton and did some shopping. On the way back, we stopped at Coleraine and bought some delicious, home-made chocolates. Then we stopped by at David & Karyn's place in Casterton to see if there was anything we could do to help with the party preparations.

As this was not the first time we visited Mt. Gambier, we did not visit any of the local tourist attractions, instead we just looked around the City of Mt. Gambier. I got some more books and some nice clothes. 

In the afternoon, we went to The Princess Margaret Rose Cave, which located around 30 minutes from Mt. Gambier. The cave first discovered in 1936 by Keith McEachern and John Hutchesson and was named Princes Margaret, to honor the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II. Later on in 1941, the cave was opened as a tourist attraction taking 40 minutes to explore the cave 

The tour reminded me of the tour I took in China a few years ago, when we went to the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin city. The guide there, as here kept telling us to use our imagination when looking at the stalagmites and stalactites to see how they were named.

The next day was the party day. It's a beautiful day. We saw a rainbow on the way to Casterton.

It was a nice little party, with around 30 people (I say 'little'...well little by Indonesian standards). There was a lot of food and a lot of laughter. Family and friends had a great time together.

Happy 50th Birthday, David. Wish you all the best for the next 50!