Saturday, August 13, 2016

Indonesia Holiday 2016 - Bali & Belitung

We arrived on the 2nd of July in Bali, this flying with Jetstar. As it was winter in Adelaide, we thought Bali was terribly hot so, we didn't do too much. We went to the 3D Art Museum, met with friends and generally relaxed.

On the second week, we went to the island of Belitung with Anning &; Jeffry's family. It was a very tiring trip as we spent 5 hours travelling the 130kms from Bandung to Jakarta. Then we had a 6.45am flight from Jakarta to Belitung arriving at 8am where we started our tour of the island straight away.

Day 1 - 14th of July
Vihara Dewi Kuanyin
Pantai Burung Belum Mandi
Lunch at Pantai Serdang
Mohammadiyah Gantong School in the movie Laskar Pelanggi
Museum Kata
Kampung Ashikin
Rumah Rotan

Day 2 Western Belitung
Kepala Burung Garuda
Pulau Pasir
Menara Lengkuas
Pulau Batu Berlayar
Pulau Kelayang

Day 3
Day 3 ( Northern Belitung)
Danau Biru Kaolin
Tanjung Tinggi (shooting place of the movie Laskar Pelangi)

We stayed at the BW Suites hotel where the views of the sunset from the pool were stunning.

to be continued........