Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in The Life - Day 7

06.00am : Last day for this project
Started with a beautiful morning

09.00am - 03.00pm : A full day with busy class
Broken up with class activities  

04.15pm : David said he bought something for himself
It's an Indonesian/English dictionary  ^_^

06.30pm : Had dinner at Para Hills Bowling Club
with Bertie and Maria

07.15pm : After waiting like forever
the Oysters Kilpatrick was served

07.30pm : Not long after, 
the Fisherman Fantasy was served

08.00pm : I was so full, but how could I
refuse the waffle with almond ice-cream?

09.00pm : stop by at Maria's place
for a cup of tea and play a game of Rummy-O

Someday, you'll remember
that the day you feel most alive,
are the days when you did
what you love

Week in The Life - Day 6

07.30am : Went to school
while my husband still slept nice and warm under the doona

08.30am : Still feels so cold
Looks like a long winter this year

01.30pm : Walked from Rundle Mall to Pirie Street
So many things to capture and to see here too

01.50pm : At the Adelaide City Council Library
where I volunteer 2 hours per week

05.45pm : In my father in-law's kitchen
where l help him prepare dinner

09.00pm : Enjoyed the rest of the day
in front of the heater

Week in The Life - Day 5

08.00am : Busy preparing lunch
Rice with egg and mushrooms stir fry with steamed broccoli

10.00am : First day back at school
Took the bus and the train 

Noon : At Tafe SA - Renaissance Centre
We have a new, big coffee room

12.15pm : Through the big window 
The view from 6th floor is very beautiful

03.30pm : The walk to train station 
So many things to see and capture

05.00pm : My father in-law had a surprise for me,
two beautiful bottles for oil and vinegar

09.00pm : Called Janice and Glenn in Jakarta
I miss my niece and nephew

Week in The Life - Day 4

09.30am :  First things to do
is to feed the birds in our backyard

12.10pm : We arrived at The Lakes Hotel
expecting lunch with the Card Club
However, we got the wrong venue!
Still took some pics though 

02.00pm : David checked the Sunday Mail
What's on the TV this weekend

02.15pm : I did my favourite puzzle
but I got stuck and couldn't finish it. 

03.00pm : More books!
Where am I going to put these?
I need a new shelves, my Dear Husband

04.00pm : Improved my scrap-booking knowledge
from the book I borrowed from the library

05.30pm : Went to Pizza Chef
Menu for tonight was supreme pizza plus anchovies and prawns

09.00pm : Read a bit before bed time
I want to finish "for one more Day" by Mitch Albom

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in The Life - Day 3

6.55am : It was so difficult to wake up
If the sky still dark covered with the clouds

8.15am : Saturday routine
Hunting for garage sales

10.00am : stop for a cup of coffee
While David and Sebastian still annoying each other

Noon : Stop by at Ian's place
picked up some lemons and oranges

05.00pm : Time to go to Dad's place
But it was raining

06.00pm : Out of the blue
David asked Indonesian salad for dinner

Week in The Life - Day 2

11.00am : Walked to the Asian Grocery
A good combination of exercise and shopping

Noon : Prepare lunch for me and my husband
Meat ball noodles which remind me of Indonesia's hawker food

03.30pm check the garden
Is my chilli plants still alive?

04.00pm : coffee time
Hon, could you make a cup of coffee for me please?

04.15pm : relaxation time
A good book and a cup of coffee, life couldn't be better

05.00pm : oops...
I shouldn't do this before dinner