Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waterfall Gully

Winter is coming. Everyday the temperature is only between 4-16. Actually, in this kind of weather, I prefer to stay at home in front of the heater, but David wanted to go for a drive somewhere and show me something new. So, after he picked me up from Sunday Mass, he took me to Burnside.

Burnside is a fairly upper-middle class area located in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Some of the residents own the houses in the hills that offer a spectacular view of the city. Within the city of Burnside is Waterfall Gully, with the main attraction being the spectacular waterfall. Historically, Waterfall Gully was first explored by European settlers in the early-to-mid-19th century, and quickly became a popular location for tourists and picnickers.

We arrived at around 1pm and to my surprise, the car park was full. It was obvious that the cold weather wasn't going to stop people from enjoying the view. So, I tried to be brave and ignore the cold weather and walked to the waterfall. We sat in front of the waterfall and had our lunch as we enjoyed the blue sky above.

Besides the waterfall, I love to see the wind blow the leaves from the trees and watched as the kids tried to catch them as they fell to the ground. I also love to walk along the path covered by the dried maple leafs and picked up some just to play with them. I remembered that David always said that winter is cold, but winter also has it's own beauty. Magnificent isn't it?