Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BFF's Visit - Day 4

Our original plan for day 4 was to visit Victor harbour, but the weather forecast was not very good, so we decided to go to the Barossa Valley instead. Our first destination was Angaston, one of the oldest towns in South Australia.

After looking around the town, we had a picnic in one of the parks along the main street. Our menu consisted of pies, pasties and large seafood pizza from the 40s Cafe, which won the best gourmet pizza in Australia 2011.

Next stop was Keller Meister Winery where everybody tried some wine, except me...still  on "P" plates, so zero blood alcohol when driving. ^_^

And off course, we didn't leave empty handed.

Our next destination was the North Haven Marina, another one of my favourite places, where we had a cup of coffee and took some more pictures.

Oh look, David's playing photographer and style consultant with Ami.

For dinner, the girls decided to try the famous Soto's fish and chip shop, for some of the best fish and chips in town. After we had dinner amongst hundreds of hungry seagulls, we walked along the jetty, where a lot of fisherman upon seeing 6 very attractive young ladies coming their way, were more than happy to show off their catch. 

Well, this was the end of my BFF's journey in Adelaide. They continued their trip visiting Melbourne and Sydney. Hope you will be back soon, guys!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

BFF's Visit - Day 3

We started day 3 by wearing our friendship uniform, courtesy of Vani and we took some pictures in front of the apartment.

Then we walked down Semaphore Road window shopping.

Back to the apartment where David was waiting to take us to the Glanville Railway Station where we caught the train to the city. As usual, the girls took lots of pictures, but were told off in the Adelaide Station, apparently photography is not allowed there. Ooops.....

At our first stop, we looked over the new River Torrens bridge and around the Festival Theatre.

Then we took the tram to China town for lunch and bought some more souvenirs.

Next, we did some more shopping at Rundle Mall.

David suggested we have a coffee in the Botanical Gardens. He must have regretted this suggestion because even though it was raining, we stopped every 5 metres to take more pictures.

On the way back to train station, still more of the same, taking pictures all the way along North Terrace..... ^_^

Back at the apartment we were exhausted, so the girls decided to have a light dinner, did some packing and had early night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BFF's BBQ party

When we arrived at Berties' place, the table was set and Michael was ready for the BBQ.

While we waited, the girls looked around Berties' home, his backyard and off course, Ami got to see his impressive stamp collection.

While the girls looked around, the boys were busy trying on their new "pecis", gifts from the girls.

They liked them so much, they wore them for the whole night.

Surprise!!! The week before, both Ami and Jody celebrated their birthday, so I had cheese cake specially made for them. Happy Birthday Ami and Jody!

Thanks to Bertie, Michael, Jody, Mark, Dwi and Kiki, we had an unforgeable night

BFF's Visit Day 2

The second days' destination was the Adelaide Hills. There are so many things to see here. First stop was the Gorge Wild Life Park, where we fed the kangaroos and took heaps of pictures of they many animals. They excitedly fed the kangaroos with milk biscuits, but I think some of the kangaroos must have had a party the night before as they preferred to laze around without too much activity.

At 10.30am, we headed to the koala holding area. There was quite along queue, so we had time to chit chat while we waited. ^_^

The rain persisted on and off which spoilt our time at the park (we didn't even get to see the Tasmanian Devil!), so we decided to move to Gumeracha where we stopped at the local Sunday market. It was a small one, but hopefully it can gave these "city girls" some idea what a country town Sunday market was all about.

We had lunch at the Gumeracha Giant Rocking Horse, bought some souvenirs and took a lot of pictures.

Next stop was Woodside where we visited Melbas' Chocolate Factory, the Woodside Cheese Factory and Baylies Biscuit Factory. We left no place empty handed.

The last destination was Hahndorf, a historical German town and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Adelaide Hills. Here, David's new job as photographer began.

OMG.....another lolly shop where yet more calories were bought..... ^_^

We drove home to a BBQ Party we had planned with our neighbours and friends.

BFF's Visit - Day 1

Finally, they've arrived! After much planning, my friends are here.

They arrived on 15th March 2014 for 4 nights, obviously not long enough, but we made the most of it. First stop was Harbour town for lunch and shopping.  They bought drinks, snacks, Australian sim-cards, etc.

Then they checked into the Seacroft Apartments at Semaphore. I was disappointed that our house wasn't big enough to accommodate our 5 visitors, but they seemed to enjoy the the place we found for them.

Our first nights' plan was to visit The Garden of Unearthly Delights, but the rain just kept coming down, so we decided to show them our place. David hosted a tea ceremony before they took some pictures around the house, including my neighbour's rose garden.

 For dinner, we went to the Boat deck cafe, one of my favourite places in town. We had pizza and a seafood platter, followed by tea and coffee. Too bad we had to eat inside as it was to cold and wet to sit by the lake.

From there, we went back to Semaphore, chatted for a while and decided to have an early night as they didn't sleep much on the long flight over.