Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BFF's Visit - Day 4

Our original plan for day 4 was to visit Victor harbour, but the weather forecast was not very good, so we decided to go to the Barossa Valley instead. Our first destination was Angaston, one of the oldest towns in South Australia.

After looking around the town, we had a picnic in one of the parks along the main street. Our menu consisted of pies, pasties and large seafood pizza from the 40s Cafe, which won the best gourmet pizza in Australia 2011.

Next stop was Keller Meister Winery where everybody tried some wine, except me...still  on "P" plates, so zero blood alcohol when driving. ^_^

And off course, we didn't leave empty handed.

Our next destination was the North Haven Marina, another one of my favourite places, where we had a cup of coffee and took some more pictures.

Oh look, David's playing photographer and style consultant with Ami.

For dinner, the girls decided to try the famous Soto's fish and chip shop, for some of the best fish and chips in town. After we had dinner amongst hundreds of hungry seagulls, we walked along the jetty, where a lot of fisherman upon seeing 6 very attractive young ladies coming their way, were more than happy to show off their catch. 

Well, this was the end of my BFF's journey in Adelaide. They continued their trip visiting Melbourne and Sydney. Hope you will be back soon, guys!

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