Monday, June 29, 2015

KERNEWEK LOWENDER Copper Coast Cornish Festival

This is a late post from the Cornish Festival that we went on the 24th of May. The festival which took place for a week in Wallaroo, Kadina and Moonta is a celebration of the region's significant Cornish heritage.

On  Sunday, the RAA/Rosewarnes Copper Coast Classic Cavalcade of Cars and Motor Cycles was held and attracted more than 500 participants from all around Australia. We joined the crowds which lined the streets to wave the participants past.

Then we went to the oval where they had a fun fair. 

The most important thing here was to try the famous Cornish pasty. 

Then we checked out our favourite cars

While Michael tried to find his favourite hat. 

They all looked good on you Michael. They really suit you.... ^_^

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